Dakota Fanning and Emma Thompson star in the first Effie Gray trailer

Although she’ll always be known for the roles she did when she was a little girl, Dakota Fanning has been great in everything she’s done as an adult.  Unfortunately, not all of her films have been either critical or box office successes, but you have to respect her for branching out and doing different roles.  Next up for Fanning is the period drama EFFIE GRAY.  It’s a sad, true story, but you wouldn’t know it from the terrible music playing in the trailer.  The music makes it out to be a whimsical Jane Austen-esque story when it’s anything but.  Check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

The film follows Effie Gray, who is married to an older art critic that she’s not in love with.  Things get complicated and messy when Effie falls in love with another man.  EFFIE GRAY stars Dakota Fanning, Emma Thompson, Tom Sturridge, John Ruskin, David Suchet, Robbie Coltrane, James Fox, Derek Jacobi and Julie Walters.  The Richard Laxton directed film hits theaters on April 3rd.

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