Dan Brown will pen the screenplay for The Lost Symbol

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Dan Brown’s got it made.  His books are on the best seller list, Hollywood made them into films and you got Tom Hanks to star as the lead character.  Now, he gets to adapt his latest novel into a screenplay himself.  We don’t know why he’s doing this, it may be because he felt like the first two films were lackluster (although they both killed at the box office) or maybe he’s just plain bored and would like to adapt his own novel so he doesn’t have to come up with something new. But the real news is that, yes, THE LOST SYMBOL will be made into a movie, we don’t know whether or not Ron Howard or Tom Hanks will return but you know we’ll keep you posted.

Dan Brown is one of those authors that has gotten lucky in that he has created a character that people like, who is super smart and goes on intellectual adventures.  Not to be a hater, but Mr. Brown isn’t the best writer in the world and I don’t think he’ll reach “loved by fans” status that Stephen King has, but his books sure are entertaining.

Dan Brown

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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