Daniel Craig Chooses New Movie

Posted by:Brad Sturdivant

Daniel Craig will be starring in the upcoming “psychological thriller” DREAM HOUSE.  The film is about a man who moves his family to a nice little house that turns out to be haunted by a family that was murdered there.  If you’ll notice, I put “psychological thriller” in quotes because the description of this movie makes it sound more like a “run-of-the-mill horror” film.  Jim Sheridan (IN AMERICA) will be directing.

I’m hoping that maybe the one-line description doesn’t do this film justice.  Because if the story is as simple as that, I have no interest in the film.  I feel like I’ve seen the film a hundred times, most recently in HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT.  Craig and Sheridan are better than tween-friendly horror movies.

daniel craig

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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