Daniel Craig wants more money to finish The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo trilogy

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

A lot of people are quick to judge actors, musicians and athletes as greedy and selfish when it comes to their million dollar paydays.  But I’ve always taken a different viewpoint.  If you’re responsible for bringing in millions (and sometimes billions) of dollars to a company, then I think you have every right to try and get as much of the pie as you can.  If that means $20 million instead of $15 million, then don’t take a penny less than what you deserve.  I’d give the same advice to an office worker, why not an actor?  And that little rant brings us to Sony and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO and to say they have a problem would be an understatement.

To start with, the David Fincher directed English language remake didn’t do as well as Sony wanted, throwing a wrench in everyone’s plans for a trilogy.  But now the problem seems to be that star Daniel Craig is holding out for more money, especially after the success of SKYFALL.  Sony is acting tough and saying they may write him out of the sequels completely, but they’ve poured so much money into these films already that more rewrites and more alterations from the books is clearly a bad move.  That, and I can’t imagine David Fincher being too keen on losing the film’s biggest star.  There’s clearly more drama to come and I wouldn’t expect to see Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander on the big screen any time soon, if ever again. (THR)

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