Daniel Radcliffe is set for Frankenstein

Daniel Radcliffe

You have to give serious kudos for Daniel Radcliffe for breaking out of the most typecasted character-actor since Luke Skywalker and Mark Hamill (who obviously didn’t fare so well).  But the former Boy Wizard is making another name for himself by taking on unusual, critically acclaimed roles like his turn in THE WOMAN IN BLACK, which also turned out to be a box office success.  For upcoming projects, he has the  ‘A Young Doctor’s Notebook’ series with Jon Hamm and the movie KILL YOUR DARLINES, where he plays Allen Ginsberg.

If you have a really good memory, or just happen to be a huge Daniel Radcliffe fan, then you may recall that the actor was circling the role of Igor in the upcoming FRANKENSTEIN movie.  Well today, Variety reports that the role is back on and Daniel Radcliffe will, in fact, be playing the famed hunchback.  His character sounds like a hoot, and will dress in old clown clothing and will be be “pathologically dirty”.  The Max Landis (CHRONICLE) scripted film will be directed by Paul McGuigan (LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN).

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