Darth Vader rumor surfaces for Star Wars: Episode 7, Colin Trevorrow wants to direct the films

Mark Hamill in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

After going a few days without a Star Wars rumor, today they seem to be flying in.  One of the more likely candidates to direct the next Star Wars film is SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED director Colin Trevorrow.  When questioned about his involvement, he took a different approach to the rumors and flat out said he wanted to direct a Star Wars film.  He was recently asked about his possible involvement and he said: “I can definitely say that I would absolutely love to direct a ‘Star Wars’ film at some point in my life. That would be incredible, I’m not daunted by it”.  I think Trevorrow is a likely candidate, even though I’m not confident he could handle the grandness of a Star Wars film.  I liked SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, but there’s a big difference between directing a quirky indie film and directing what will arguably be one of the biggest films of all time.  Then again, maybe that’s exactly what the franchise needs; a new look from someone that’s not tainted by big budget Hollywood movies.

But the big rumor of the day comes from an extremely unreliable source (thank goodness), the British tabloid Express, where they say that Darth Vader is going to be brought back to life in the new trilogy.  Unless they’re going to completely rewrite the ending of RETURN OF THE JEDI, the only way to accomplish this would be through cloning, which is quite possibly the worst idea I’ve heard since these rumors began.  This would also mean the likely return of Hayden Christiensen, which would singlehandedly cut the opening weekend gross in half.  Let’s hope Express was just looking for some cheap traffic by making up a rumor and that there’s no real basis to this.  The idea of a cloned Vader being the basis of the next trilogy is flat out nauseating.

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