David Ellis wants to call his next film Untitled 3D Shark Thriller, seriously!

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Most people know director David Ellis best from his film SNAKES ON A PLANE, some people loved it and some hated it (I thought it was a riot). His next project is about sharks, is considered a thriller and will be shot in 3D, so an obvious title would be…UNTITLED 3D SHARK THRILLER. Sure, it sounds a little ridiculous but hear me out. Thanks to Roger Corman who has been doing some cheesy-yet-fun creature features of late on the SyFy Channel, we’ve gotten such great titles like: DINOSHARK, SHARKTOPUS, DINOCROC and one he’s currently working on PIRANHACONDA (which I’m pretty stoked about). So the natural progression to titles would be UNTITLED 3D SHARK THRILLER, see how I got to that ? Oh, and the studios are warming up to the lackluster title too, so we may just have another literal titled movie on our hands. Good side is that at least audiences know what they’re getting into.

UNTITLED 3D SHARK THRILLER opens in theaters this September.

Untitled 3D Shark

Source: Vulture

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