David Fincher confirms that 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea will be in 3D

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

To many out there, David Fincher is Hollywood’s Man of the Year.  With his resume of films and with an added gem like THE SOCIAL NETWORK you’d think the guy would take a vacation, right? Not so much. Mr. Fincher is hard at work and dipping his hands into several projects, one of which is Disney’s 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA which he has confirmed will be shot in 3D, because even he thinks it’s,“cool…when it’s done right.” No word on when this film will begin production because as mentioned before, Fincher is a busy guy.  Although with all the money Disney has to throw around they may want him to get cracking on this project, especially if he ends up getting one of those little gold statuettes.

If you haven’t seen THE SOCIAL NETWORK, why? But if that’s not your cup of tea, you can catch the next David Fincher project THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, which will finish production sometime in May and will hit theaters on December 21st, 2011.

David Fincher

Source: Collider

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