David Fincher won't be directing Angelina Jolie in Cleopatra

Angelina Jolie and David Fincher

Looks like David Fincher will officially not be involved with the upcoming film CLEOPATRA which will star Angelina Jolie as the title character. ┬áNo confirmed word on why David Fincher won’t be directing the film but there is some speculation as to why he left. One reason could be because his schedule with Netflix’s HOUSE OF CARDS is conflicting, or maybe producer Scott Rudin just wants to get on with production and not wait around for David Fincher, or it could be that David Fincher is gearing up to take on the sequel to his film THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATOO which would be called THE GIRL WHO PLAYED WITH FIRE. Whatever the case may be, Sony is moving forward and looking at other directors and right now the man at the top of the list is Ang Lee. We won’t know for a bit, but stay tuned for more news.

CLEOPATRA (Angelina Jolie) will follow the book by Stacy Schiff called “Cleopatra: A Life” and will follow the woman who was a politician, a strategist, a warrior and of course a seductress. It will be more meaty than the original film starring Elizabeth Taylor, and actually Ang Lee sounds like a great choice to helm the film. (Vulture)

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