Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter and Emily Wickersham will join Amanda Seyfried in Gone

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

The upcoming thriller GONE starring Amanda Seyfried has just acquired a few new cast members including: Jennifer Carpenter (TV’s DEXTER), Emily Wickersham (I AM NUMBER FOUR) and Wes Bentley. The film will be directed by Heitor Dhalia and follows a girl named Jill who comes home from work to discover that her sister is missing. She convinces herself that it’s the doing of a serial killer, from whom she escaped years ago, that is coming back to finish the job even though the local police do not believe her. She decides to take matters into her own hands and go find her sister and get rid of the serial killer once and for all. Filming is set to begin next month.

This sounds like one of those below average thrillers that doesn’t interest me at all. Seyfried is trying to remove herself from the romantic films and put herself into thrillers that are bordering on horror and sci-fi so we’ll have to see how well she does with those.

Jennifer Carpenter and Emily Wickersham

Source: Variety

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