Dexter's Michael C. Hall to deal with Love, Scotch and Death alongside Vera Farmiga

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Michael C. Hall and ‘Dexter’ creator James Manos, Jr. are going to be working a big screen movie called LOVE, SCOTCH AND DEATH which will also star Vera Farmiga (SOURCE CODE and  UP IN THE AIR). The film is a little all over the place and follows a guy (Dexter Michael C. Hall) who comes back from vacation to discover that his life is starting to go to pieces as first he finds out that both of his parents have died, which then puts him in contact with an unsympathetic funeral director, and he also has to deal with his crazy wife, shocked children and some neighbors that seem to be obsessed with sex. Add in an arrest for assault and the death of his wife’s dog and you have quite an eccentric tale. Shooting is set to begin in November after the latest season of ‘Dexter’ wraps up.

Michael C. Hall is great as a television serial killer but he seems to be having a tough time transitioning to the big screen. Maybe re-teaming with the ‘Dexter’ creator will help jump start his movie career.

Michael C. Hall

Source: Deadline

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