Diane Kruger, Alice Eve and Rosamund Pike in the mix for unknown part in Superman reboot

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

Everyone in Hollywood has been guessing as to which actress will be lucky enough to land the role of Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane opposite Henry Cavill in the upcoming SUPERMAN film. But Warner Bros. is throwing everyone a twist by looking for an actress to fill another part, an unknown female part. Right now three actresses have been pegged to fill thisĀ  role: Diane Kruger (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS), Alice Eve (SHE’S OUT OF MY LEAGUE) and Rosamund Pike (PRIDE & PREJUDICE).

Warner Bros. has also expressed that they don’t want a big name actress to portray leading lady Lois Lane so as not to overshadow their Man of Steel, Henry Cavill. This may nix any previous rumors that actresses such as Rachel McAdams, Jessica Biel or Olivia Wilde might land the part. Warner may be looking at some unknown actresses to fill the role or smaller stars. Either way, until director Zack Snyder makes a decision rumors will continue to fly.

Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike

Source: Variety

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