Diary of a Wimpy Kid can't catch Alice in Wonderland at the box office

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Until the trailer came out a while back, I had never heard of DIARY OF A WIMPY KID.  But I was shocked to see just how popular the film adaptation of the popular kids’ book really was.  But it was popular enough to beat out Jennifer Aniston’s THE BOUNTY HUNTER for second place this past weekend with $21.8 million.  ALICE IN WONDERLAND continued its dominance for the third weekend in a row, easily beating all newcomers with $34.5 million.  Universal is having a rough few months with REPO MEN, GREEN ZONE and WOLFMAN all failing at the box office.  I think anyone that follows movies could have predicted that none of those three movies would be successful, but sometimes Hollywood execs have to learn the hard way.  The unfortunate thing about those failures is that Universal will be desperate for another hit and therefore, they’ll be more likely to go to the well and do a sequel to one of their older films.  Oh, and for those still keeping score, AVATAR now has a total box office gross of $736.8 million.

Next week sees the release of the hilarious looking HOT TUB TIME MACHINE, although my concern with that film is that a lot of people just aren’t going to get the humor.  HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON also comes out, so it will be interesting to see if DIARY OF A WIMPY KID has any staying power.  Also, the Ben Stiller-Noah Baumbach dramedy GREENBERG has a limited release.  I’m thinking ALICE IN WONDERLAND is going to make it four in a row.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

1. Alice in Wonderland  $34.5 million

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid $21.8 million

3. The Bounty Hunter $21 million

4. Repo Men $6.2 million

5. She’s Out Of My League $6 million

6. Green Zone $5.9 million

7. Shutter Island $4.7 million

8. Avatar $4 million

9. Our Family Wedding $3.8 million

10.  Remember Me $3.3 million

Source: Box Office Mojo

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