Die Hard 5 is really happening; Noam Murro set to direct Bruce Willis in the sequel

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

After the success of LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD in 2007, I think we all knew a fifth Die Hard film was more than likely going to happen.  Bruce Willis seems to have no standards these days, so why wouldn’t he revisit his favorite franchise?  Twentieth Century Fox has hired commercial director Noam Murro to tackle the latest installment with a script from Skip Woods.  Woods has written several action films, including THE A-TEAM, WOLVERINE and SWORDFISH.  Bruce Willis hasn’t signed on yet, but all indications are saying he will. I guess the question I have for Fox is whether they’re going to continue the trend of making John McClane more of a comic book superhero, or are they going to bring him back down to earth and pay homage to the original film?

I recently watched the first film again and every time I watch it, I feel like I’ve forgotten how great a film it really is.  It’s tough to look past the cheesiness of the third and fourth installments, but the original is still a classic.  Here’s hoping Skip Woods brings some reality back to the franchise.

Bruce Willis in Die Hard

Source: Deadline

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