Director Cameron Crowe is already working on writing his next film

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Usually it takes Cameron Crowe quite a while to put together a screenplay. After one project, the director sometimes can take up to four years to spit out his next project. That doesn’t seem to be the case presently.

Crowe’s next effort, WE BOUGHT A ZOO has inspired him to kick out a new screenplay but it’s not the material–it’s the cast. Actually, it goes beyond that. The actors that weren’t cast for the film are the ones that he wants to write the next screenplay for. Crowe loved the people that casting director Gail Levin brought out for his latest film but wanted to use them as quick as possible.

The director joked about the lengthy time spans between his films, “I’m trying out this prolific thing. The thing about being prolific? It’s a lot of work.” There’s no information on what the film will be about or revolve around but he seems pretty diligent about getting it out.

Matt Damon, Scarlett Johannsson and Cameron Crowe in We Bought A Zoo

Source: IFC

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