Director Robert Schwentke could visit Germany for Poison Kitchen

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Director Robert Schwentke has done some very diverse films in his career so far. From RED to THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE, it’s good to see that he hasn’t stuck to just one genre.

Before jumping into the undead police with Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges for R.I.P.D., the director will head to his home country of Germany for POISON KITCHEN.

Matthew Sand (NINJA ASSASSIN) has written the script which details the take off of the Nazi Party. The heart of the film goes into detail on the struggle of Muenchener Post and the followers of Adolf Hitler. Muenchener Post was a newspaper famously known for campaigning against the Nazis and their leader before they became the dominate rule. Eventually, Hitler won the battle taking the paper down in 1933.

Constantin Film is housing the project and are on the move to get it made. The studio would rather make this film into a thriller than a historical political drama diving into how Hitler really got to his position of power.

Robert Schwentke on the set of The Time Traveler's Wife

Source: Variety

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