Disney acquires The Runner to compete with The Dark Tower

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

One of the big pieces of movie news this year is the massive project THE DARK TOWER, which is based on the series from Stephen King. It’s a project that will span three films, a television series to coincide with the films, video games and potentially graphic novels. Basically, it’s a multi-platform franchise that will make Universal a ton of money. It’s an interesting idea and one that Disney thinks could work for them as well, so they have acquired rights to THE RUNNER which is a science fiction concept that is being written by Dave Andron with Marc Forster most likely to direct (for the record, Ron Howard is taking on THE DARK TOWER at the beginning) and Brian Grazer to produce. THE RUNNER will take place in 2027, where an attack on Earth has made the surface uninhabitable and the survivors build a time machine to send someone back to prevent the attack. The guy going back will do his best to complete his mission, but also try and save the love of his life. Again, THE RUNNER will span movies, television, video games, graphic novels and even interactive content for mobile devices.

No word on when production will begin but look for this to start taking shape.

Marc Forster

Source: Deadline

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