Disney looking to bring Amy Adams back for an Enchanted sequel

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

ENCHANTED was one of the biggest surprises of 2007. I went into it thinking it was going to be another failed attempt from Disney to play on their name and image. Instead, it turned out to be a humorous and enjoyable film, due in large part to Amy Adams. That brings us to the point that with Disney announcing they’re moving forward with a sequel, the only way it will work is if Amy Adams reprises her role. Otherwise, we have a straight to DVD ALADDIN 2 sequel on our hands.

It does seem like today is sequel day, with FAST AND FURIOUS getting a fifth movie, the Robert Langdon films getting a third and now ENCHANTED getting a second. Maybe this is why they say originality is dead in Hollywood.

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey in Enchanted

Source: Variety

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