Divergent may sign on Limitless director Neil Burger


If you aren’t one to follow Young Adult novels then you might have missed one of the big ones that came out in the last couple of years called DIVERGENT from author Veronica Roth. Since the big thing in Hollywood is to now make films based on this book genre we better all start stalking the end caps at Barnes and Noble to see what kinds of movies will be made in the next five to ten years.

For those unfamiliar with the series by Veronica Roth, let me give you a little rundown on what DIVERGENT is about. This first book in a trilogy follows a sixteen year-old girl named Beatrice who lives in yet another dystopian society in the future. In this society, people are divided into five different factions based on virtue: Erudite (intelligence), Amity (peaceful), Dauntless (bravery), Abnegation (selflessness) and Candor (honesty). When one reaches a certain age they must decide which faction they will belong to for the rest of their lives. When Beatrice reaches this stage she makes a choice that surprises all those around her and she ends up on adventures, falling in love and all those other things that make an interesting YA novel.

Now it looks like DIVERGENT may have a new director in the form of Neil Burger (LIMITLESS) and he would take on the first film in the trilogy which will be released in 2014. Production should be starting next year so stay tuned for casting announcements which should start coming in any day now. (Variety)

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