Dolphin Tale 2 Blu-ray Review

I guess I didn’t need to see the first to pick up too quickly on what’s happening in DOLPHIN TALE 2. I would assume that if you’re a fan of the first, you’ll fall in love with this. If you’re like me and never saw the first one, you’ll still find some room in your heart to enjoy this family friendly movie.

Supposedly based on true events, (I’m sure plenty of creative liberties were taken), DOLPHIN TALE 2 follows Sawyer (Gamble), a teenage boy who works at the local marine hospital with the handicapped dolphin Winter. Winter has to wear a prosthetic tail to help her swim. Alongside Winter in the tiny aquarium is Panama, a much older dolphin. Winter senses something is wrong and begins acting strangely. It’s not too long before the elder dolphin passes away, which spells trouble for Winter.

Dolphin Tale 2

There’s a humanistic approach to Winter throughout the movie. She’s treated as though she’s a companion or family member amongst her handlers. So when Panama passes, they ask questions that you’d ask any grieving relative, but obviously Winter can’t respond so they talk about whether or not she’s depressed, or upset about what has transpired. Her emotional health really starts to show when she refuses to eat and a couple of tests show she’s under duress. To make matters worse, a visiting doctor issues an ultimatum, find Winter or new companion or give her up.

Dolphin Tale 2

Sure DOLPHIN TALE 2 is cheesy, silly and sometimes melodramatic, but it all works. It’s all cute, it’s all fun and it’s all touching. This is the epitome of a movie that a family can get together and watch. It also has a solid message with its pubescent stars about growing up and following one’s dreams. While the kiddos might not digest that message, the parents will certainly appreciate a movie that isn’t afraid of highlighting it. Even for someone like me, who doesn’t have a kid to watch this with, it’s still enjoyable.

It’s really hard to dislike a movie when one of the main characters is an affectionate dolphin and everyone else‘s heart and soul relies on the well-being of this gentle creature. It feels even more genuine since it doesn’t have to resort to cheap entertainment or fart noise throwaway gags. The humor comes from mischievous animals and dolphins playing in the open water. The adults don’t talk down to any of the kids in any derogatory way, although it makes it confusing when a preteen is commanding a legion of marine biologists.

Dolphin Tale 2

If I was to mark this movie off for any points (and it does become incredibly hard to, once a baby dolphin shows up), it would have to be for length and the missed opportunity to pound home the message of respecting and caring for nature, just like we treat one another. Maybe it does in the first one, but it’s an important enough message, you’d like to believe they’d try and touch upon it every chance they get. This is a fine movie to add to your collection if you have young ones at home and don’t feel like subjecting them to cash grab family films.


Video: (1080p Widescreen 1:85:1) I’m a winter person, but this presentation makes me want to go and lay out on the beach. It’s bright, sunny, and beautiful in nearly every scene and it’s like a real mood booster.

Audio: (English DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1) There’s no glaring issues, and for that matter, no real problems with the audio presentation. It seamlessly boosts and lowers the audio when necessary.

Dolphin Tale 2: Underwater Magic (3:03): This is a feature that focuses on the actors filming and swimming with the dolphin. It talks with the actors and the cinematographers and director.

Look Who’s Running the Show (3:20): It’s a look back on how things have changed since the first movie and touches a bit upon what they needed to focus on to actually make a sequel. Since I didn’t see the first, this was a bit enlightening.

Bethany Hamilton Meets Winter (3:18): Another movie I never saw, SOUL SURFER. I was unaware that the girl who was the focus of that story was in this movie. This is her interactions with the dolphin on set.

Dolphin Tale 2: The Mission (3:34): This focuses on the real life aquarium that is featured in the film. It’s kind of a nod to the message of the aquarium.

Dolphin Tale 2: The True Story (4:01): If you’re looking for a little bit behind the true story of these movies as well as getting the cast back together, it’s an interesting bit.

Two Music Videos: This is actually two separate features. It’s a video for Zuehlsdorff’s “Brave Souls” and Gavin DeGraw’s “You Got Me”. Zulehlsdorff’s song goes a little bit behind the making of the song. This music isn’t my cup of tea, but if you like positive, upbeat music, you might like this.

Blooper Reel (7:22): I generally watch blooper reels when it’s a part of an R-rated raunchfest, but I don’t think I’ve ever watched one that’s a part of something so inherently wholesome. It’s enjoyable.


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