Dominic Cooper joins Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving in Captain America

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

We all knew that Tony Stark’s father, Howard Stark would have a role in the upcoming CAPTAIN AMERICA movie, but we all assumed (incorrectly) that John Slattery would be reprising his role from IRON MAN 2.  Turns out that the 1974 Howard Stark can’t play the 1940’s Howard Stark and therefore, director Joe Johnston had to go back and recast the role.  The lucky recipient is Dominic Cooper (MAMMA MIA!).  He joins the cast that includes Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Hugo Weaving.

I’m not sure I see the physical resemblance between Cooper and Slattery, but what I’m more concerned about is whether or not they’re going to let Cooper keep his British accent or not.  It’s funny that information like this was spilled through a promo interview he was doing for TAMARA DREWE.

Dominic Cooper

Source: Salon

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