Dominic Cooper may join Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots in Need For Speed

Dominic Cooper

More news has come forth on the upcoming video game adaptation NEED FOR SPEED, and it looks like the latest actor to join the cast is Dominic Cooper (MAMA MIA!, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER). Dominic Cooper will be joining Aaron Paul (TV’s Breaking Bad) and Imogen Poots (FRIGHT NIGHT) in the film being directed by Scott Waugh. NEED FOR SPEED will follows a guy (Aaron Paul) who is working in a garage fixing up cars who gets sent to prison when his buddy is murdered in a race, and decides to seek revenge when he is released. Dominic Cooper will be playing an ex-NASCAR driver who designs and creates cars for wealthy citizens and Imogen Poots will play a car dealer who works with both of the boys. Production for NEED FOR SPEED is set to start next year with a release date of February 7th, 2014.

Dominic Cooper has a short list of upcoming films that include: SUMMER IN FEBRUARY, DEAD MAN DOWN, MY DINNER WITH HERVE, REASONABLE DOUBT, CITIES and NOVEMBER MAN. He’s one of those up and coming actors to watch so expect to hear about more projects in the future. (Variety)

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