Dominic Cooper shines in The Devil's Double trailer

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

I love it when I see a great trailer for a movie I had barely heard of beforehand.  Such is the case with the first trailer for THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE, which is now near the top of my list for movies I’m most looking forward to this summer.  Yeah, I know the summer is packed with superhero films and star-studded comedies, but this film looks fantastic.  In it, Dominic Cooper plays dual roles as Uday Hussein and Uday’s double.  Of course, if you watched the news during the second Iraqi war, you know that Uday was the sick and twisted son of Saddam Hussein and was known for some disturbing things.  This is the story of him and his body double that he hand picked to protect him.  Well, actually hand picked in case there was an assassination attempt, they’d kill his double instead.

And Dominic Cooper looks like he’s ready to break out of his supporting actor ranks and join the league of leading men.  He looks very convincing as both Uday and the innocent double.  Other than Cooper, the cast is made up almost entirely of unknowns (at least to American audiences).  Lee Tamahori (NEXT, DIE ANOTHER DAY) is directing the film that hits theaters on July 29th.

Dominic Cooper in The Devil's Double

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