Dragon slays Hot Tub Time Machine at the box office

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

A kids movie without competition is almost guaranteed to win the box office on any given week.  So HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON easily took the top spot this weekend with $43 million.  But there were a few surprises, including the film’s only competition in DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, which dropped down to fifth place with only $10 million.  Given how well received the film was, I’m surprised it wasn’t able to do better.  Perhaps the most talked about film of the weekend was HOT TUB TIME MACHINE and it managed a meager $13.6 million, but given its R rating, that’s not too shabby.  AVATAR finally dropped out of the top ten, but its grand box office total is now up to $740.4 million.

Next week sees the first really big movie of the year in CLASH OF THE TITANS with Sam Worthington.  I think the film looks pretty good, but I’m not sure about it being in 3D.  We also get the release of THE LAST SONG with Miley Cyrus, so we’ll see if she can transfer some of those Hannah Montana fans over to her regular films.

How to Train Your Dragon

1  How to Train Your Dragon  $43,300,000

2  Alice in Wonderland (2010)  $17,300,000

3  Hot Tub Time Machine  $13,650,000

4  The Bounty Hunter  $12,400,000

5  Diary of a Wimpy Kid  $10,000,000

6  She’s Out of My League  $3,526,000

7  Green Zone  $3,350,000

8  Shutter Island  $3,175,000

9  Repo Men  $3,048,000

10  Our Family Wedding  $2,200,000

Source: Box Office Mojo

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