Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn wants Christina Hendricks for Wonder Woman

Posted by: Zack Bruce

Someone, somewhere will always be trying to get a Wonder Woman movie off the ground. Nicolas Winding Refn, director of the upcoming DRIVE starring Ryan Gosling is one of those people.

Refn has had the idea of doing a Wonder Woman film in his head for awhile. The director has explained that his approach is closer to someone like Christopher Nolan, who seems to have grounded Batman and taken anything corny out of the context. Refn wants to bring to light a world where women could be stronger than men and give Wonder Woman a formidable foe.

During the premiere of DRIVE, the helmer referenced the project then pointed at co-star Christina Hendricks and said, “If I ever get to do it, she’s going to be in it.” The bonus here is that Hendricks has expressed interest in becoming Wonder Woman once to Rachael Ray, “I’ve been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life … I had Underoos — I had Wonder Woman Underoos.” One things for sure, me and hundreds of other men wouldn’t mind seeing Hendricks in the outfit.

christina hendricks

Source: NY Times

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