Driver's EDitorial #01: Welcome!

If this is your first visit to, we’d like to welcome you to our site. As you can see, we’re just getting started, but we’re happy you’ve taken the time to browse around, see who we are and read some of the things we have to say.

So who are we and what do we have to say? Well, you can read about each of us individually in our Contact Us page, but we’re basically three guys that love movies. We bring a variety of different views and experiences to the movie news game, but nothing is more important than our love of film. We’re not pretentious snobs that find it necessary to mention an obscure French director every other article to make you think we’re brilliant film philosophers. At the same time, in regards to our reviews and editorials, we can defend our opinions with sufficient evidence and examples. It doesn’t matter if you have a Masters in screenwriting or if you’ve only seen a couple of movies, the content on this site is for everyone.

When it comes to our movie reviews, we believe in honesty as the best policy. We don’t care how many awards it’s received, who directed it, or if our cousin is a key grip; if we don’t like the movie, we’ll tell you we don’t like it and we’ll tell you why. Now, given the subjective nature of any form of entertainment, some may disagree with our opinions, but even if some disagree, you’ll know we’re not trying to suck up to a studio or butter up an actor to get a one on one interview. All members of the trusted staff of Flix 66 believe that there are too many sites out there that print cookie-cutter, follow-the-leader reviews and we’ve all vowed not to fall into that trap.

Along with our Reviews, we hope you’ll take the time to check out some of our featured articles like our Driver’s EDitorials, where we’ll rant and rave about something going on in Hollywood. Or our One You Might’ve Missed column, which should prove to be a good place to find some recommendations for some forgotten films. If you’re looking for some movies to watch over the weekend, check out our Trifecta column for a suggestion of three movies that have a unique and ambiguous bond between them. Finally, if you’re looking to get two opposite viewpoints on a film, take a look at our He Said/She Said column.

This isn’t a way for us to make a fortune or lambast you with obnoxious advertising. All of us have full time jobs, but all of us love dedicating our free time to movies, whether it be writing about them or watching them. If we accomplish anything with this site, we at least hope to express our love and respect for the medium of movies, to relay that passion to all who view the site, and raise the level of public debate on the subject in an entertaining and informative manner. Because we certainly know that with the internet, there are many roads people can take for their movie news and commentary. We thank you for choosing ours.

– The staff at Flix 66


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