Driver's EDitorial #05: Don't Reboot Battlestar Galactica!


by: Sturdy

Our Driver’s EDitorial is a weekly column designed to express our opinion on something going on in Hollywood today. Sometimes we whine and complain about something we wish was different, other times we heap praise on the system for getting it right.

A couple of months ago, Bryan Singer announced that he was going to be heading the creative team to re-imagine the Battlestar Galactica franchise into a movie.  Like I’ve said in previous columns, I don’t really feel that any movie or show is too “sacred” to be re-imagined, but as with many remakes, I have to ask the question; why?

Battlestar Galactica 1

Before I get too far into this, let me say that I absolutely loved the Sci-fi channel show.  I thought it got off to a rough start and I found the first several episodes to be a little dry, but it picked up big time and ended with an amazing run (season 4.5).  What I’m trying to say is that BSG worked great as a TV show and in my opinion, proved to be one of the best science fiction TV shows of all time.  The acting, directing and writing were superb and consequently, the show has its legion of fans that have led to the show being very successful on DVD and Blu-ray and has even spawned several made for TV movies.  So since the show only ended several months ago, the obvious question is; why do this so soon after the show is off the air?

Battlestar Galactica 3

There’s also something else we need to get out of the way; the original show was horrible.  I know some people look back on it with fond memories and that’s fine, but even the show’s creators will tell you that it was a cheap attempt to piggyback on the success of Star Wars.  Everything that the new series has, the old series lacked.  In fact, I will contend that one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the new show’s success was the fact the old show was so bad.  Many sci-fi aficionados questioned why the show would be brought back or re-imagined and felt that they would have been better off calling it something different.  That begs the question; why re-imagine the franchise at all?

Battlestar Galactica 2

What exactly do we have to gain by bringing the series to the silver screen?  I could understand if they wanted to bring the cast back and make a theatrical movie (although I don’t know how that would work…) but starting completely over and bringing in new actors makes me scratch my head.  This isn’t Star Trek or Star Wars, which have millions upon millions of fans that span generations.  You can film a toilet for 90 minutes, call it “Star Wars” or “Star Trek” and you’ll have millions of people go to the theater to see it.  The “Battlestar Galactica” name doesn’t carry as much weight.  Although the show has its fans, there’s not a huge, loyal fanbase there to take advantage of.

I’m not going to lie, maybe I’m frustrated at this news because I am such a huge fan of the new show.  I thought the show would die with the Blu-ray boxset and maybe we’d only have a TV movie every now and again to remind us of how great the show was.  Or maybe I’d just like to see Singer tackle something that would challenge him more creatively.  Either way, we don’t need a Battlestar Galactica movie.

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