Dwayne Johnson and Liam Hemsworth in the first images from Empire State

Director Dito Montiel has a new film coming out called EMPIRE STATE and though it doesn’t have one of his favorite actors to work with (Channing Tatum) on board, it does have Dwayne Johnson and Liam Hemsworth which is almost as good. Today we’re getting a first look at Dwayne Johnson and Liam Hemsworth in the heist drama and though they are just close up shots they are better than nothing.

EMPIRE STATE is a drama based around the true events of the Sentry Armored Car Company robbery that took place in 1982. Two childhood friends got together to plan and execute this heist that resulted in $11.4 million stolen which was the biggest cash robbery in U.S. history at the time. I’m assuming Liam Hemsworth will be portraying one of the robbers, while Dwayne Johnson appears to be playing the NYPD officer who goes after the thieves. Alongside Dwayne Johnson and Liam Hemsworth, EMPIRE STATE also stars: Emma Roberts, Nikki Reed, Michael Angarano, Jerry Ferrara and Chris Diamantopoulos. EMPIRE STATE is set to hit theaters on June 10, 2013. (Kinopoisk)

Dwayne Johnson in Empire State

Liam Hemsworth in Empire State

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