Dwayne Johnson is set to star in the McG directed Fall Guy

Dwayne Johnson in Empire State

‘The Fall Guy’ is one of the many 80’s TV shows I remember fondly, but realized sadly that it’s almost unwatchable today.  For those that aren’t familiar with the show, it starred Lee Majors as a Hollywood stunt man and bounty hunter who always saved the day while winning over the hot blonde.  Over the years, a movie version of the show has seemingly been in the works forever, at one time with Nicolas Cage starring and Martin Campbell directing and another time with George Clooney starring.  Now it looks like none other than Dwayne Johnson will be taking on the role.  Although I think Clooney is closer to the Lee Majors type than Dwayne Johnson, The Rock should be more than capable of stepping into the role.

The film will be courtesy of WWE studios, meaning The Rock should be right at home with his former employer.  If there’s some unfortunate news, it’s that the movie adaptation will be directed by McG, who most recently tortured audiences with THIS MEANS WAR.  Dwayne Johnson, of course, has had trouble finding success outside of franchise territory, so maybe this will be his chanced to actually start a franchise rather than come in and save one.  (THR)

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