Ed Helms headed True North

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

It looks like Ed Helms is here to stay.  After being one of the few redeeming qualities of ‘The Office’ the last few seasons and starring in THE HANGOVER films, Helms is ready to become a star.  Warner Brothers is anxious to keep him in the WB family and uber-producer Brian Grazer wants Ed Helms to star in TRUE NORTH, a comedy pitched by Rob Pearlstein.  If Helms signs on for the project, he would play a selfish and cocky talk show host that goes into a 2 year coma after his plane crashes.  He wakes up to find that his face has been surgically altered and he’s no longer the handsome charmer he once was.

This is definitely a high-concept comedy and one that might be tough to pull off.  Audiences don’t always react well to unbelievable comedies and if Pearlstein is going to make this work, he’s going to have handle things delicately.

Ed Helms

Source: Variety

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