Eddie Murphy has tape over his mouth on this first poster for A Thousand Words

Posted by: Zack Bruce

When I first saw the trailer for A THOUSAND WORDS, it felt really familiar. Where had I seen this movie before? Then it suddenly hit me– LIAR LIAR. Yeah, it was more or less the same movie. Jim Carrey lies all the time and then after a wish comes true can only tell the truth. In this movie, Eddie Murphy is a guy who really need a foot in his mouth; he talks way too much. Then it turns out that he only has a thousand words to say before he dies.

I like Murphy but over the past ten or so years there’s been nothing really attention grabbing from him. It’s a string of unforgettable films that basically are made to just become easy money makers at the box-office. This seems like another one of those.

The new poster illustrates the plot of the film very simply. It’s basically Murphy with some duct tape over his mouth. The film is due to release March 23, 2012.

A Thousand Words poster

Source: IndieWire

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