Elisabeth Röhm joins Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins in Abduction

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

We’ve gotten a lot of casting announcements for Taylor Lautner’s first real non-Twilight film ABDUCTION, but until now, we didn’t know who were going to play his parents, who obviously play a key role in the titular abduction.  Elisabeth Rohm will be playing his mother and although we still don’t know who will be playing his father, I have to hope it’s someone of ethnic origin.  Otherwise, Lautner’s character is just an idiot for not realizing he was adopted sooner.  Rohm has appeared on several shows, but most notably ‘Heroes’ and ‘Law and Order’.

The film revolves around a young man (Lautner) that unravels a mystery when he finds a picture of himself on a missing children advertisement.  This sets off a chain of events that lead him down a dark path.  Lily Collins plays his love interest, Alfred Molina plays a CIA agent hot on his trail and Sigrourney Weaver plays a psychiatrist. John Singleton directs.

Source: ElisabethRohm.com

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