Elizabeth Banks and Paul Reubens join Steve Carell and Nicolas Cage in Frank or Francis

Elizabeth Banks and Paul Reubens

Elizabeth Banks and Paul Reubens have signed on to the already impressive cast of Charlie Kauffman’s musical comedy FRANK OR FRANCIS.  Nicolas Cage, Steve Carell, Jack Black, Catherine Keener and Kevin Kline are already on board the ambitious film that sees an intellectual film director (Carell) battle an obnoxious online blogger (Black).  Banks will play a famous actress that stars in formulaic comedy bombs that’s having an affair with Carell’s character.  Reubens will play an old school film critic while Cage will play an actor with high concept movie ideas.  Perhaps the telling bit of casting is Kevin Kline starring as the director of a successful movie as well as that character’s brother, who “turns into an animatronic head”.

I love the synopsis of this film, but unlike a lot of my peers, I have trouble jumping on board to a film written and directed by Charlie Kauffman.  I just feel the guy needs someone to balance him out or else he’ll churn out SYNECDOCHE NEW YORK, which for all it’s grandness, missed the mark.  I have this sneaking suspicion that FRANK OR FRANCIS will get away from him.

Source: THR

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

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