Elizabeth Olsen and Josh Radnor star in the Liberal Arts trailer

Elizabeth Olsen and Josh Radnor in the Liberal Arts trailer

In 2010 Josh Radnor made his directorial debut with HAPPYTHANKYOUMOREPLEASE which was a quirky indie comedy that won him the Sundance Audience Award that year. Now he’s back with his second film, LIBERAL ARTS, and has managed to snag one of the up-and-coming actresses in Elizabeth Olsen. Elizabeth Olsen has really hit the ground running after her film MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE, her next major project will team her with Daniel Radcliffe in KILL YOUR DARLINGS.

LIBERAL ARTS follows Josh Radnor, a 35 year-old liberal arts graduate who is invited back to his former professor’s (Richard Jenkins) retirement party at his alma mater. While revisiting his old stomping grounds, Radnor falls for a 19 year-old sophomore (Elizabeth Olsen) who changes his perspective a bit. In true Josh Radnor style, the trailer promises great dialogue and charming humor that probably won’t wow the general audience but will be a great film to catch when one wants a nice break from the fall blockbuster scene. LIBERAL ARTS opens in theaters on September 14th, 2012, check out the trailer below.

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