Elle Fanning and Alessandro Nivola to star in Bomb

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Elle Fanning and Alessandro Nivola are teaming up to star in ORLANDO director Sally Potter’s BOMB.  Fanning will play an idealistic teenage girl in the 60’s as she copes with the political issues of the cold war and the sexual revolution.  Nivola will play a free thinking writer in London that has a falling out with his daughter after he has an affair with one of her friends.  It’s unclear if Nivola and Fanning will be in the same story or two intertwined stories.

Most of you will recognize Elle Fanning from this summer’s SUPER 8 or maybe as Dakota Fanning’s sister.  You may not recognize the name Alessandro Nivola, but you’ve probably seen him in movies like JURASSIC PARK 3 and GOAL: THE DREAM BEGINS.  He’s always been an actor I’ve been impressed with, but hasn’t gotten the big time role that will make him a star.  This is a much smaller, independent film, but if done well, it could get some attention during awards season.

Elle Fanning and Alessandro Nivola

Source: Deadline

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