Elle Fanning and Vera Farmiga team up for indie film Pure Life

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

I guess younger sis Elle Fanning won’t be following in her older siblings (Dakota Fanning) and taking a break from acting, but since she’s not as hot of a commodity we’re gonna let that slide.  She will be teaming up with UP IN THE AIR actress Vera Farmiga for the indie drama PURE LIFE directed by Van Fischer. The story follows 13-year old Maya Donovan and her tough, over-worked mother.  Maya daydreams about romances that are only real in 80’s John Hughes films and goes in search of one for herself.  When she finds a boy with a bad reputation to lose her virginity to, she’ll find out romance isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Production should start sometime this spring with no set release date.

The most immediate film with Elle Fanning that comes to mind is the Sofia Coppola film SOMEWHERE.  I won’t say again how bad that film was, but I thought Fanning’s performance was flat and I’m not sure she can carry her own film just yet.

Elle Fanning and Vera Farmiga

Source: The Playlist

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