Ellen, the ultimate selfie and the ten most interesting moments from the 86th Academy Awards

The jokes and bits were held to a minimum, there were no surprise winners or outlandish speeches, but I still had a blast watching the 86th Academy Awards.  It really does depend how you look at things.  I’m an Oscar purist and I hate awkward moments and controversial speeches.  I like things when they go smoothly and I would say this year did it better than most.   Ellen was tame but she was also effective.  She was able to get away with a couple of edgier jokes referring to the male anatomy, that otherwise might be groan worthy.  But for the most part, left the humor simple and the awards casual, loose and moving along.  The speeches weren’t memorable but they were heartfelt and well-said, and the winners were predictable (for the record, I was 22 for 24), but also very well deserved. Overall, I would call it a successful night. Heck, even the commercials were decent.  Whether it be good, bad, funny or annoying, these are the ten most interesting moments from the 86th Academy Awards

Honorable Mention: The Standing O – Was it me or was the audience giving a standing ovation for everything and everyone?  This isn’t a sporting event or a Catholic Mass.

Jim Carrey at the Oscars

10.  Jim Carrey quotes DUMB AND DUMBER – As a long time fan, I hate seeing Mr. Carrey struggle so much.  While his impersonation of Bruce Dern was very impressive, Carrey’s intro was a little awkward.  But he saved the day by delivering a line I still use today in the form of “Samsonite” from one of my personal favorite comedies of all time, DUMB AND DUMBER.  After mistaken animation with LSD, his response, “I was WAY off!”

9. John Travolta muffs name – While I think this has been blown way out of proportion, there is no denying the ridiculous craze it has created.  Mr. Travolta gave a heartfelt presentation to a talented artist “Idina Menzel” about to sing the song “Let It Go” from FROZEN, but when he got to the name he mumbled something like “Adele Dazeem” completely butchering the name.  Taking a page from Carrey, “He was WAY off.”  Find out your Travoltified name by clicking the link.

 8. Speech, Speech – Nothing was overtly hilarious or memorable, but nearly every speech had a touch of humor with a sense of awareness. They were classy yet genuine with Cate Blanchett setting the best example.  Even Jared Leto broke habit, managing to give a sentimental little tribute to his mother.

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