Emile Hirsch to star in The Darkest Hour

Posted by: Nathan Swank

Emile Hirsch (INTO THE WILD) has signed on to star in a new supernatural thriller called THE DARKEST HOUR. The film is about the aftermath of an alien invasion and revolves around a group of kids in Russia who are trying to survive. It’s been described similar to 28 DAYS LATER, which I absolutely love. However, studios are always comparing their own movie to a greater movie regardless if they are even close. I have high hopes though simply because Hirsch has yet to pick a bad film to star in.

Chris Gorak (RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR) is set to direct the picture distributed by New Regency and Summit Entertainment. Gorak has only directed one film before but has worked as the Art Director in films like: TOMBSTONE, FIGHT CLUB and MINORITY REPORT. I expect the film to at least look great which will get started in Moscow in June. Les Bohem and Jon Spaihts wrote the screenplay.

Emile Hirsch

Source: Variety

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