Emile Hirsch will team up with director Peter Berg for Navy SEAL film Lone Survivor

Emile Hirsch

Even though Peter Berg’s last film BATTLESHIP stunk up the box office, he and Universal are moving forward with another film entitled LONE SURVIVOR. This was a deal the studio and director set up a couple of years before BATTLESHIP and it looks like Universal is anxious to get this new film underway. They’ve even found another talented actor to join in the fun in the form of Emile Hirsch (THE DARKEST HOUR).  Emile Hirsch will be joining a cast that already includes: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch (JOHN CARTER) and Ben Foster (CONTRABAND).

LONE SURVIVOR follows a true event in 2005 about four former Navy SEALS in Afghanistan. When Marcus Lutrell (Wahlberg) and his men suffer fire from 250 Al Qaeda after they earlier let children and elderly men go free. Shooting for LONE SURVIVOR is set to start on September 25th, 2012 in New Mexico. Emile Hirsch can be seen in this summer’s SAVAGES from Oliver Stone and KILLER JOE. (Playlist)

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