Emily Blunt and Josh Brolin star in the first Sicario trailer

There are a lot of scary things in this world.  From serial killers to giant spiders, you don’t have to look far to wet yourself on a regular basis.  But for my money, the Mexican cartels are the scariest things around.  If there’s ever a reason to not do drugs or get involved with their distribution, it’s the cartel.  Director Denis Villeneuve apparently feels the same way since his new film SICARIO focuses on the cartels.  The first trailer is online and it looks pretty intense, but the best thing about it might be the fact it gives Emily Blunt a chance to showcase her talent.  For years, she’s been the most underrated actress in Hollywood, so I hope she knocks this out of the park and the movie ends up being a success.  If the first trailer is anything to go by, that will surely be the case.  Check it out below.

The official SICARIO synopsis:In Mexico, SICARIO means hitman.  In the lawless border area stretching between the U.S. and Mexico, an idealistic FBI agent (Blunt) is enlisted by an elite government task force official (Brolin) to aid in the escalating war against drugs.  Led by an enigmatic consultant with a questionable past (Del Toro), the team sets out on a clandestine journey forcing Kate to question everything that she believes in order to survive.  SICARIO stars Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro, Joe Bernthal, Victor Garber and Jeffrey Donovan.  The Denis Villeneuve directed film hits theaters on September 18th.

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