Emily Blunt and Rachel Weisz to do a comedy for Lynn Shelton

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

Up and comer Emily Blunt is set to be sisters with veteran A-lister Rachel Weisz in an new, improv-based comedy for director Lynn Shelton.  Shelton directed the under-appreciated HUMP DAY, which wasn’t improv, but was definitely an original comedy.  The actual plot of her next film is not fully known yet, but we do know that it should only take a couple of weeks to shoot and will mostly rely on the improv abilities of Blunt and Weisz.

I love it when actors and directors take on new and innovative projects, especially projects that focus on an actor’s natural ability to improv lines and “make” the movie themselves.  TIMECODE and Steven Soderbergh’s FULL FRONTAL come to mind.  They don’t always lead to great success, but you have to provide encouragement to Hollywood these days any time they even try to be original.

Emily Blunt and Rachel Weisz

Source: Deadline

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