Eminem will dole out Random Acts of Violence

Posted by: Kristy Sturdivant

After having the biggest selling album of the year in 2010, Eminem is ready to shift his focus back to the movies.  He wants to star in an action thriller the will be entitled RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE.  This was a script that was tossed around a couple of years ago when the video game Grand Theft Auto was popular and this film was going to be a “poor man’s version”  of the video game.  The entire idea was scrapped when writer/director David Von Ancken came on board.  The script has now turned into something similar to THE TOWN or THE DEPARTED and follows an ex-con recently released from prison and trying to walk the straight and narrow.  When his previous gang tries to get him back in the swing of things he is also approached by the cops about taking the crime down from the inside.  He will play both sides against each other so he can take revenge on all those that sent him to prison.

No word on when filming will begin or when this will come to theaters, but as always we’ll keep you posted.


Source: Vulture

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