Emma Stone, Andy Samberg and Nick Cannon get ready for Martin Luther King day

Emma Stone in Martin Luther King Day

One of the saddest declines in Hollywood has been the recent free-fall of director Garry Marshall.  He was never a visionary director, but he had some great romantic comedies in the form of PRETTY WOMAN and OVERBOARD and even turned out a couple of decent dramas.  But in the last couple of years, he’s brought us nothing but sappy, cash-grabbing drivel like VALENTINE’S DAY and its clone, NEW YEAR’S EVE.  Granted, their easy targets, but leave it up to NBC’s ’30 Rock’ to push the limits in making fun of them.  With that, I present you with MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY.

The “trailer” for the film was featured on a recent episode of ’30 Rock’, which is currently running with a great storyline with guest star Emma Stone.  For most of the staff here at Flix66, Stone can do no wrong and this is another example of how great she is.  Check out the trailer below and be sure to keep an eye out at the end to see who else is starring in the film…Got MLK?

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