Emma Stone is set to star in Woody Allen's next film

Emma Stone

Woody Allen is an acquired taste, but even the most die-hard Allen fans have to admit that the guy has made more bad movies than good movies.  He’s like a jump shooter that knows he’s eventually going to hit one.  So now that he has wrapped up BLUE JASMINE, the eccentric New York director is planning his next film and is looking to cast America’s sweetheart, Emma Stone.

Woody Allen doesn’t reveal anything about his films ahead of time, so we have no idea what the film is about or even what it will be called.  But we do know that it will shoot in France, marking a return for Allen where he filmed MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.  Somewhere along the way, we can bet that there will be a beautiful young woman that tempts an older man.  And we can also bet at least one character will be unfaithful.  After all, this is Woody Allen, not Christopher Nolan. (Deadline)

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