Emma Stone looking to star in He's F'ing Perfect for Fox

Posted by: Brad Sturdivant

If you wrote a script and sent it out to agents, and then somehow it miraculously got picked up by a studio, you could expect somewhere between a $5k and $10k against $15k to $25k for the script (the second numbers being your payment if your script actually gets made).  So keep that in mind when you read that Lauryn Kahn received $1 million against $1.5 million for her first script HE’S F*@&ING PERFECT.  It looks like she might collect on that $1.5 million since none other than it-girl Emma Stone is in talks to play the lead.  The film is about a social network-savvy woman that is accustomed to finding faults in all of her friend’s boyfriends, but when she ends up finding what she thinks is the perfect man.

Kahn was Adam McKay’s assistant for a few years and did some work on Funny or Die, but a cool million dollars for a script is pretty insane.  Couple that with the fact the film sounds like your typical rom-com and it’s hard to be anything but perplexed by Fox 2000 shelling out that much money for a script.

Emma Stone

Source: Deadline

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