Emma Stone will team up with Cameron Crowe on upcoming film

Emma Stone

Emma Stone and Cameron Crowe working together on one film, could there be a better pairing in Hollywood? The adorable, screen stealing actress will be teaming up with one of the best directors (in this writer’s opinion) in Tinseltown for a project that could be a renovated version of the 2008 film, that was to star Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon, entitled DEEP TIKI, but ended up being delayed several times. Apparently Crowe has rewritten a script that revolved around a military contractor who was presumed dead but starts another life with his supercomputer friend Jeremy. When he’s tasked to set up a satellite launch in Hawaii, he is hooked up with a military liason (Emma Stone presumably) who he hopes will help him get a blessing from the local spiritual leaders. That was obviously the plot for DEEP TIKI so who knows if this film will be along the same lines or if it will be scrapped altogether. What we do know is that the tone for this upcoming project will be similar to Crowe’s two films ALMOST FAMOUS and JERRY MAGUIRE.

If the original DEEP TIKI plot remains the same then that’s quite a different type of film we would be seeing from Cameron Crowe, but I have no doubt that he could pull it off with his charming flair for pacing and dialogue. We still don’t know who will play the male lead, though he will no doubt be more along the age of Emma Stone. It’ll be interesting to see how this project progresses (shooting is supposed to begin next spring) and we’ll definitely keep you up to date. (Deadline)

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