Emma Watson joins Daniel Bruhl in Colonia

After Emma Watson gave an exceptional speech at the UN, I was disgusted with the nude photo hoax that followed. For all the progress we’ve made as a society, it sometimes feels like we’re still living in the stone ages when it comes to any measurable sense of equality. But I digress. The point is, Emma Watson is not only a cool person, she’s also a pretty good actress and next up for the Harry Potter actress is a starring role in the historical drama, COLONIA. The film follows the true story of a young married couple that get caught up in the 1973 Chilean military coup. In the film, Daniel Bruhl will play the husband that gets kidnapped by the Chilean dictator and Emma Watson will play the wife that tracks him down to the south of Chile, to an area called Colonia Dignidad. When she gets there, she ends up joining a cult (which is actually a prison) in order to find her husband.

So it sounds like pretty heavy and interesting stuff for both Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl. COLONIA will be directed by Florian Gallenberger, who actually won an Oscar in 2000 for his short film I WANT TO BE… His two follow-up films starred Daniel Bruhl, so the two have a pretty good relationship. Production is already rolling, so expect this one to get a late 2015 release. (Deadline)

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