Emma Watson may play Cinderella for director Kenneth Branagh

Emma Watson

I just finished writing about Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, breaking out of the Potter world and now we have news of another wizard making good on her fame.  The adorable Emma Watson hasn’t done a ton of stuff post-Potter, but she’s been great in what she’s been in.  She most recently impressed me with her turn as the troubled youth in THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER and in a tiny role in MY WEEK WITH MARILYN.  She also has THE BLING RING for Sophia Coppola coming up, which looks like a grown up version of SPRING BREAKERS (that’s actually a compliment, not an insult).

Next up for Emma Watson is possibly a starring turn in the long planned live action CINDERELLA.  At one time, this was going to star Saoirse Ronan in the title role and be directed by Mark Romaneck. Well, Romaneck got booted from the project and replaced by Kenneth Branagh and it seems he wants his former Harry Potter co-star in the lead role.  Right now, the only confirmed actress attached is Cate Blanchett as the Evil Stepmother. Emma Watson hasn’t signed on yet, but it’s looking likely she will.  Filming is set to start this Fall. (Variety)

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