Emma Watson is set for The Queen of the Tearling

Emma Watson

After starring in 8 Harry Potter movies that basically controlled her life for almost a decade, I would have thought Emma Watson would be avoiding franchise films completely.  After living life as Hermione for so long, I can’t imagine jumping back into blockbuster territory is appealing to her.  But money talks and a girl has to eat, so Emma Watson is preparing to lead the the franchise THE QUEEN OF THE TEARLING from Erika Johansen.  You might think that a planned franchise trilogy would already have some source material, but nope, these books from Johansen haven’t even been published yet, but Warner Bros. is describing them as “Game of Thrones – esque”, but with a female lead.  The only synopsis we have right now is that the trilogy is “set three centuries after an environmental catastrophe when a malevolent Red Queen holds considerable power.”  Supposedly, Johansen came up with the idea after watching a speech from Barack Obama in 2007.  I guess you never know when and where inspiration will strike.  (Variety)

Although the generic description doesn’t do anything for me and I hate the comparison to ‘Game of Thrones’, I’m interested in whatever Emma Watson takes on.  She’s slowly distancing herself from Hermione and after this summer’s THE BLING RING and THIS IS THE END, along with Darren Aronofsky’s NOAH, I think she might be able to pull off the daunting task of shedding her typecast.

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