Emma Watson won't be Cinderella after all

Emma Watson

It was a good thought, but former Harry Potter star Emma Watson has elected not to star in Disney’s planned CINDERELLA film.  As always the case with these types of things, we don’t know why she has decided not to don the glass slipper for director Kenneth Branagh, but this writer would guess that playing one of the most famous Disney princesses of all time wouldn’t do anything to make people take her seriously as a grown up actress.  She has her work cut out for her when it comes to breaking out of her Hermione character and I doubt she wants to add Cinderella to her resume.

Or, it could be that she’s holding out hope that Guillermo Del Toro’s planned take on Beauty and the Beast is still going to happen.  That film was originally slated to start shooting this summer, but given how hard of a time Del Toro has in deciding on a project, it seems unlikely it will start on time.  In the meantime, Disney will have to find another beautiful, young actress to take over since they’ve made this film a priority with shooting scheduled for this Fall.  Emma Watson can next be seen in Sofia Coppola’s THE BLING RING.  (Variety)


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